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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q- Who provides the alcohol?

A- You do, as we do not have a liquor license to buy the alcohol for you. But we can help you on a shopping list.

Q- What do you provide?

A- I can provide anything that you need for your event. Most will come at with an extra charge.

Q- What about tips?

A-Our bartenders are professional providers and tips are customary. Gratuity is not included in our gerneral fees. We do offer two options for handling tips: Guest -Gratuity- This option allows for a tip jar on the bar.  Host- Gratuity- There will be no tip jar on the bar and the host will pay a minimum of  $1.50 per guest.

Q- How far in advance do I need to book?

A- Since I have a big staff of bartenders and servers I can help you with as little as 1 days notice.

Q- What kind of parties do you do?

A- Any party you have we can help, easy as that

Q- Do we have to place a deposit?

A- In most cases we are happy to settle everything the day of the event, but depending on the size of the event we may ask for a deposit of 50% for booking the event.

Q- Do you have bartenders or servers?

A- We have both and we have female and male upon request.

Q- Are you certified?

A- Yes all of the bartenders are certified and also have their Servsafe Card.

Q- Why is there a differance in price with and with out  tip jar?

A- ”Tips” means the bartenders will have a tip jar out and collecting tips from your guests as well as waiters if you have decided to hire waiters.

-“Without tips” means no tips will be excepted from your guests, the price is higher because you (the host of the party) will be covering the tips for the bartenders and or waiters.

Q- Who is responsible for making sure that the guest do not have to much to drink?

A- Our bartenders are trained in alcohol awareness however the host of the event is responsible for all guests and their actions. Our Bartenders reserves the right to refuse service to any of your guests who seem to have had too much to drink per our judgment. In addition, Get You Drunk Bartending Services reserves the right to ID anyone who looks under 21.

Q-Will Get You Drunk Services provide a cash bar service? 

A-Get You Drunk Services is unable to provide cash bar services due to state regulations.